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We would also like to have a nice picture of your horse with its blanket on this site!  (-:

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Great horses with their EINHORN blankets

For more information about the individual horses and the comments of their owners, go over the photos with the mouse and click on the text!!




Eldur, Icelander

stock 150 cm, 8 years
Größe XL

Saedis, Icelander

stock 134, 11 Jahre
Größe S|M|L

Orka, Iclandic horse

stock 138, 23 years
size S|M|L

Blair fra Hoefda, Icelander

stock: 138, 14 years
size: S|M|L

Tarek, Rhinelander German Cold Blood

stock 164cm, 16 years
size XXL+

Connor, Irish Tinker

stock 155cm, 19 years
size XL+

Moses von Hesta-Kykki, Icelander

stock 141cm, 12 years
size XL

Höfrungur, Isländer

stock 147cm, 8 years
size XL

with Video!!!

Kapteinn, Icelandic horse

stock 141cm, 16 years
size icelander/cob

Jette, Shettland pony

stock 110cm,  30 years
size XXS

Katla, Icelandic horse

stock 138 cm, 29 years
size M

Carisma, PRE Andalusian

stock 164cm, 8 years
size XXL+

Finsch, Black Forest horse

stock 151cm, 6 years
size XXL+

Dehaso, Pura Raza Espanola stalion

stock 160 cm, 10 years
size XXL

Alda, Icelandic horse

stock 134, 30 years
Size S

with VIDEO!

Lucy, pony

stock 148cm, 16 years
size L

Gfjun, Icelandic horse

stock 137 cm, 15 years
size S|M|L

Prada de Renard heavy horse mix

stock 180 cm, 8 years
size XXXL

Roxy, Rhinelander horse

stock 156 cm,13 years
size XL

with Video!

Laysha, arabic-berber mare

stock 150 cm, 3 years
size XL

Esra, Icelandic horse

stock 136 cm, 13 years
Size S

Glorioso, Lusitano mix

stock 163, 7 years
size XL

Momo, Shettland pony

stock 104 cm, 9 years
size XXS

Hamotur, Icelandic horse

stock 138cm, 7 years
Size L

Arsenio, Haflinger

stock 154cm, 9 years
size XL+

Pelle, Shettland-pony

stock 104cm, 13 years
size XXS

Prada, heavy horse mix mare

stock 180 cm, 8 years
Size X-full

Casparo, Lusitano

stock 160, 11 years
size XL

Grisou, South German coldblood

Stock 187cm, 9 years
size XXL+